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Coalition Hires First Staffer in 32 Years - Has Potluck Fundraising Party

5/06 The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes has hired Judy Einach as our Campaign Director. Click here for more information.

We're having a potluck dinner on Saturday, June 24 at 3pm at the Olmsted Camp where you can Meet our new staffer. Click here for directions and more info.

Coalition Awarded Funding for Full Cost Accounting Study by State Senator Cathy Young

The Coalition, through our campaign partners NIRS, CEC, and CHEJ have recieved funding for a full cost accounting study on the West Valley Nuclear Site cleanup options. Click here more info.

Coalition hits the Courts vs. DOE

8/05 The Coalition is forced into the courts to ensure that DOE safely cleans up the site. Click Here for the press release.

Complaint Part 1

Complaint Part 2

Complaint Part 3

Record of Decision Issued on Waste Management

The Department of Energy has released its Record of Decision on the West Valley Waste Management EIS. This study did not look at the site closure options, only the shipping of certain wastes and their storage. Page 18 allows "Waste Incidental to Reprocessing." The Coalition is looking into our legal options. Click here to view the DOE document.

Comments on Proposed Legislation by Jim Rauch

The Citizen's Task Force, a site advisory board funded by the state has approved new legislation regarding the West Valley Site written by NYSERDA. The Coalition is opposed. We have concerns about handing over the authority to the agency that is currently giving us trouble. We also believe that in this current political climate we will lose ground as it works its way through Congress.Click here to review a critique by Jim Rauch.

West Valley, NY